How to Avoid Getting Sick!

Hey all, so whenever there’s a change in weather, everyone seems to get sick. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to whatever cold is going around right now 😦

I am usually very good at staying healthy so, here are a few ways that I keep my immune system PUMPIN’ :



Drink lots and lots of water! Your body needs water to flush out all those toxins in your body. I like to add some fruit to my water to spice things up a little hehe. Strawberries or lemon slices are definitely the best, because they taste great and they provide some extra vitamins and nutrients! “Strawberries help fight carcinogens and contains anti-aging properties such as biotin and the antioxidant ellagic acid, which helps prevent sagging skin. Lemons clean your bowels, and neutralizes free radicals that cause aging. Lemons also contain 22 anti-cancer properties.”



(Photo from Google)

So, in order to keep my energy level up, I like to eat alot of carbs. Especially white rice and white bread. Yes, these aren’t the best for your figure, BUT they do give you a boost of energy. I don’t know if there’s actually any science to back this up, but whenever I am feeling particularly sluggish or weak, I eat some rice with veggies and chicken, or a sandwich, and I feel way better.



Another thing I love to do to prevent myself from getting sick is brewing a nice pot of tea. My roommate, Daphne, bought this maple infused breakfast tea over the summer and it is my favorite right now. But, my go to tea is jasmine green tea. It always warms up my tummy and makes me feel way better.



(Photo from Google)

Fight that sweet tooth and those late night cravings! Processed foods and sweets will really mess with your immune system. Try to eat a piece of fruit or some trail mix instead! It is a necessary sacrifice for the sake of your health, trust me. Also, instead of going for the McDonalds Chicken Nugget meal, maybe grab a sandwich or wrap from your nearest deli or market. Keep it all natural for the sake of your body!



Get your rest! Do not stay up late if you know you have to wake up early the next morning! Our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep in order to function properly. Just because you do not feel tired does not mean your body isn’t tired! If you do not want to stay up coughing all night for a week, then get your sleep now. Turn your phone off, turn the lights off, cuddle under those blankets, and go to sleep. If you have troubles sleeping at night, try not to reach for that Melatonin right away! Try counting sheep (lame, I know, but it does work!), listening to some nature-sounds (like here), or listen to an audio book! These always help me sleep!

Now that you guys have some “flu season survival tips,” GO OUT AND STAY HEALTHY!


(My sister, lol, she wants to be a doctor, so this photo is relevant)

I will be recovering from whatever cold I am suffering from right now, but I will be following these as well! (These also work if you are already sick, and you are trying to get better).

Thanks for reading! xx

Eat well,


2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Getting Sick!

  1. Very good advice for staying healthy. How do you feel about protecting yourself from germs? I don’t use anti bacterial hand creams. Not sure if they work. I also try to avoid crowded or closed areas in the winter.


    1. Hi Madeline! Thank you and that’s a very good question. I always carry hand wipes with me, because I read an article about hand sanitizer actually being BAD for you. I do try to take Airborne or Vit C every day just to protect myself since it is hard to avoid crowded areas in NYC! 🙂 Hope this helped


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